What we do


Our objective is to provide a free confidential professional counselling service to all students of the Polytechnic of Zagreb.

We offer one to one web counselling with a psychologist, a GP and career counselling experts.

We also run a programme of workshops on topics such as confidence building, social phobia, healthy nutrition, alcoholism, etc.


Opening hours


We are open throughout the year.

savjetovaliste tvz



Our service is confidential. Our policy is not to inform anyone that you are using the service, or to respond to any enquiry about you, without your permission.


Our consultants

Professor Biljana Stojaković, PhD

mr. sc. Nina Grdić
Business communication

Nataša Juničić, mag. psych
Psychological Counselling

dr.sc. Toni Bjažić, v.pred.
Career counselling

Ivan Lujo, dipl.ing.
Career counselling

Boris Uremović, dipl.ing .
Career counselling

Vjeran Bušelić, v.pred
Career counselling